Tammi Jewellery Finland

Shaped by hand

Tammi is recognised from its fine detailing by hand and timeless jewellery design. However, what is needed to create a functional and beautyfull jewellery are specific technical skills.

Finemotor skills are in key role to create beauty with high standards and also make such things possible in jewellery design that are not reached in computerised production.



Most of the Tammi Jewellery designs have been inspired by the beauty of the Finnish arctic nature since the early dates of the brand. Yet Orkidea, the brands highlight collection for the 60th Anniversary, designed by Marjut Kemppi, is an outstanding example of the distinctive design of Tammi Jewellery.


Good design evolves along the many phases of the making process when finally it meets all the requirements,  also as a piece of art. Functionality, beauty, distinctive and unimitable design are regarded as standard for Tammi Jewellery. The great history of jewellry making and the many amazing vintage pieces of Tammi also give a guideline to follow in the future.


Tammi is a forerunner in making jewellery by casting plaster. In Tammi studio the talent required for this challenging phase of jewellery-making is highly appreciated. Great things are never achieved the easy way.

Casting is all about the art of making the  beautiful small trees of silver and gold like in the picture. Little but valuable shapes that in capable hands become a beautiful artefact.

The white precious metal trees hold together  small pieces of jewellery to be cut out from the tree for the next steps of the journey in  traditional handmaking.



The art takes shape in constructing the little red wax tree. Very skilled hands are needed to set the base for the next phase of jewellerymaking, the casting. All little detailed shapes of wax are attached to a stem which eventually looks like a peculiar tree. How the end-product will look depends on the care and precision put in to creating the little shapes and attaching them on the tree.


All Tammi jewellery are shaped by hand, and created with heart.

The Detail

The Detail

The talent of goldsmiths shows in the details.

Creating, assembling, polishing and shaping with care the goldsmith brings out the beauty in every piece. Every little detail counts. Tammi brand stands for the traditional methods of handmaking where the details come from a persons hands, not computers.

Details bring out the beauty and separate the extraordinary from ordinary. Tammi compliments its designs by skilled detailing and each jewel is individually finished and perfected by hand. Uniqueness of Tammi Jewellery lie in unimitable design, handmade details and each jewel's own characteristics.

Precious Materials

Precious Materials

A good design is as important as high quality in materials and in production. Tammi Jewellery embodies both these things. Tammi makes fine, unique jewellery from high quality recycled gold and finest quality Sterling silver with traditional handmaking methods.


The precious pearls of the precious metals are like small seeds from which the ready jewellery is grown. Choosing the best seeds gives the jewellery solid base to last from one generation to the next.

The art of handcraftmanship

The Beauty of Handmaking

Shaped by hand, created with heart - that is the beauty of handmaking.

The 60th anniversary highlight collection, Orkidea, represents the talent and beauty from the concept to design, creation, and all the way to a ready and unique piece of Jewellery. Each piece is like an artwork itself even in the middle of the process.

It is beautiful to see how the creations evolve in hands. Tammi cherishes the artistic side of the making instead of following the latest  inventions of computerised productions. 

The beauty of handcraftmanship is contemporary luxury.