auroras korvakorut Tammi Jewellery Finland S4478

Auroras korvakorut

Materiaali: sterling hopea 925
Koko: leveys: 1,1 cm

Art. S4478  Hinta: 85 €

Samaan sarjaan kuuluvat rannekoru Art. S2277, ja kaulakoru Art. S3873



Auroras bracelet S2277 tammi jewellery finland

Auroras rannekoru

Materiaali: sterling hopea 925
Koko: korkeus 1,7 cm, pituus 18 cm
Art. S2277  Hinta: 445 €



Auroras finland Tammi Jewellery logo

Auroras revontulet

The Northern Lights of Finland always amaze when you are lucky to see them. The unique phenomena of the North has been the source of inspiration to create the Auroras collection with strong personality yet smooth and fine handcraftmanship. The fine detailing shows and brings out the beauty in every piece.

Auroras collection designed by Marjut Kemppi continue the abstract yet feminine line of design of which Tammi is most well known over the decades.



Auroras necklace kaulakoru tammi jewellery S3873 Finland

Auroras Kaulakoru S3873

Materiaali: sterling hopea 925
Koko: leveys: 1,3 cm
Kaulakorun pituus: 42 tai 45 cm. Saatavana myös tilauksesta muita pituuksia.

Art. S3873-42 Hinta 615 €

Samaan sarjaan kuuluvat korvakorut S4478 sekä rannekoru S2277